The Power of Latte: Nicholas Kristof’s Guide to Giving

If anyone would ask me who’s on my top ten list for a Nobel Peace Prize, I’d have to say I only have one and he is Nicholas Kristof.  This man is not only a writer’s writer, he’s also fearlessly reported on some of the worst places on Earth and some of the worst–and best–people you could imagine. 

He’s written an article about charities that he’s checked out that are not widely known and you should really do yourself a favor and read “The Gifts of Hope” (it’s behind a free registration).

“One of the paradoxes of living in a wealthy country is that we accumulate tremendous purchasing power, yet it’s harder and harder for us to give friends and family presents that are meaningful. In this holiday season, sometimes a scarf from a prostituted Cambodian girl, or a scholarship for a Zambian child, is the most heartwarming gift of all.”

Now you know you’re going to lose $25 on hamburgers or latte in the next month, so don’t do that and give the money to one of these charities instead.  It’s amazing how far what’s a few bucks to us can stretch for them.  Think of it as the power of latte.