Excellent post by IP Kat on failures of the Hargreaves Review

Excellent post on IPKat of comments by Mary Ellen Field on the Hargreaves Review (and we are very suspicious of the Hargreaves Review  around here due to Google’s extraordinary influence on the Cameron government through Tory advisor and Google PR chief Rachel Whetstone among others–attention UK Uncut).  There have been various formal and informal studies at Westminster  […]

The Price of Support

As the Canadian Parliament labors over a far-reaching revision of the Canadian copyright law, the old mailbox is filling up with interesting items.  MTP readers will recall that we have a healthy skepticism of the blurred line between academia, non-governmental organizations and government, whether it’s the FCC or Industry Canada. MTP has previously pointed out […]

Portlandia: They left out YoYo Ma flipping burgers

If you haven’t seen the excerpt from Portlandia featuring Aimee Mann and Sarah McLaughlin, you really must.  (When the time comes to cast Lessig in the inevitable movie, I know who’s on my top 5 list of actors.) The only unfortunate thing is that they didn’t write in a part for YoYo Ma flipping burgers at the local […]