David Cameron’s Google Problem Redux

An excellent piece by Philip Delves Broughton in the Daily Mail cautions the Prime Minister against the influences of Google on his Government.  In “Why David Cameron must stand up to his friends at Google: The future of music, books and even the law could be threatened”   he makes the excellent point that “…to suggest that such changes will help Britain create the next Google is nonsense. Google did not emerge in Silicon Valley because of copyright laws.  Be in no doubt: Google is acting aggressively and in its own self-interest. Looser copyright means more free content and more advertising revenue for search engines.  David Cameron should not let Google bully  –  or inveigle  –  its way to victory in this debate.”

And neither should anyone else.

PS Brin benefited from a tax-payer funded National Science Foundation Scholarship far more than he did from “fair use.”