Did Open Society Institute produce the Google “Copyright School” video?

First we found the bizarre “Winning the Web” organizers manual from Open Society Institute for the EFF/ORG/generally anti-professional creator groups.  Now The Register has a story (“Dying Quango Says Britons Oppressed by The Man“) about Consumer Focus, what the Brits call a “quasi-nongovernmental organization” or “quango” (not to be confused with “bongo”):

“Britons are suffering under the yoke of the world’s most oppressive copyright laws, says quango Consumer Focus. The taxpayer-funded fake charity, which is due to be abolished, agrees that the UK has the third worst “copyright regime” behind Chile and Jordan. Moldova is praised as the most admirable in the world.

The rankings were carried out by the Soros-funded group Consumer International, which campaigns for “salt reduction”, against “junk food”, and promotes climate change “awareness”. British taxpayers paid almost £59,760 to CI, funnelled via Consumer Focus as a “research and development” expense.”

(This is something like the Government Accountability Office funding the absurd IP non-report report that they still won’t answer questions about.)

Here’s a little video from the UK-based Consumers International funded by the Open Society Institute (www.soros.org).  Some think that the production values, tone and context bear a striking resemblance to Google’s “Copyright School” video.

Can the Poker Prof be far away?