And now for something actually important: The Swing Dolphins get new instruments

Tipitina’s hosts the annual “Instruments A’ Comin'” program fundraiser in New Orleans.  The program has raised money to provide new instruments to New Orleans school kids–for 10 years.  Year in, year out, in good times and not so good times Instruments A’ Comin has raised over $2.2 million to purchase instruments for over 4,000 students in over 70 schools.  And that’s a whole lotta jazz.

So this year, the folks at Instruments A’ Comin’ and Tipitinas Foundation heard there were some other cats who needed new instruments–the Swing Dolphins in Japan.

And they got them.    I don’t know how you say “Instruments A’ Comin’!” in Japanese, but I think they know how to say it in jazz.

God bless the child that’s got his own, but the ghost of Satchmo helps the child that don’t.

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