The Special Rapporteur’s Report Redux: The Swedish Connection

An insightful comment to Chris’s piece on the report of the UN Human Rights Council’s special rapporteur’s report comes from the Swedish blog (in Swedish but we used a translator–guess which one we didn’t use).  Per Strömbäck observes in his post:

“Castle points out that La Rue limited itself to take into account article 19 (freedom of expression and information) in the UN Declaration on Human Rights and turned a blind eye to Article 27 [artist rights]. I asked just that question to a panel at  Internetdagarna 2009 [conference] and Nicklas Lundblad (then at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, now in Google [as Director of Public Policy] and certainly an important source of La Rue) replied that article 19 provides instructions on how to article 27 should be rewritten.”