Another case of independent creation

I’m sure it was purely coincidence–both Declan McCullagh and Kathy Kristof cited to Ayn Rand in their criticism of the FTC subpoena for Google in the most recent antitrust investigation of the company.  Both writers linked to the other’s story on the crackdown, but did not quote or cite each other.  Yet both mentioned Ayn Rand and Microsoft in articles on the same subject on the same day published within hours or minutes of each other.

Now what do you think the chances are that happened by coincidence?

I’m writing about the FTC and Google–so naturally my thoughts turn to Ayn Rand.  Yessir, that Ayn Rand is never far from my thoughts when it comes to antitrust.

You don’t think that it’s anything like the LA Times and the NY Times deciding to publish editorials–unsigned editorials–supporting Google’s position on the Protect IP Act–within hours of each other?  Just another coincidence.

Anyone for talking points?