If Google acquires AdMeld, will US government block more AdsForIllegalStuffbyGoogle?

Here we go again: Google is acquiring yet another online ad company.  (“Google in Talks to Acquire Admeld for $400 Million.”)  Increasing its already-stifling dominance in the online advertising space seems to be as important to Google as organizing the world’s information–whether the world likes it or not.  Of course, it’s hard to know where the […]

Digital Aggregators Deals: The Podcast

Due to the popularity of our post about digital aggregator agreements (“Digital Aggregator Deals: Is the New Boss Worse Than the Old Boss?”) is now available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio (Podcast #5 in the 20 Questions for New Artists” series).  You can also download the 20 Questions booklet in pdf as one of the podcast index […]

Egginghaus Redux: Lessig fails to spot the trend

The idea that Lawrence Lessig of all people is giving a keynote at anything involving the G-8 is a pretty sad thought, particularly given his belief that “one tiny industry” should not stand up to Big Tech (as stated in the Pirate Party video above). However, I noticed that the great trendspotter himself was so busy […]

Google pays EFF, ACLU in “settlement” of Google Buzz class action

Fascinating story in The Register about the remarkably speedy settlement of one of Google’s many privacy problems in the Google Buzz case–brought in the trusty Northern District of California, home to the Lenz and Veoh cases.  And Google.  (See “Google Hands Millions to ‘Independent’ Watchdogs“.) Everyone will be relieved to know that EPIC managed to […]