It gets you a meeting: How Google Music Failed to Deliver

Given Apple’s well-publicized announcement of its fully licensed cloud music service, the Google Music negotiation team must be under tremendous pressure to explain away their failure to close even one license.  The latest revision of the narrative as dutifully reported  is that Google offered the major labels (i.e., not the indies, independent artists or the songwriters) […]

Please help UK indie labels harmed in PIAS warehouse fire

A warehouse fire is a particularly vicious form of bad luck.  The PIAS warehouse in London was burned down in the ongoing flash mob riots–PIAS specialize in distributing independent labels.  Any distributor has in their warehouse hundreds of thousands of units (CDs, vinyl, DVDs) “on the floor” meaning that the units have been manufactured, are in inventory, but not […]

The good guys win one: Seized infringer loses first round of seizure appeal but still works fine in Google Autocomplete

Out of the hundreds of seizures under ICE‘s Operation in Our Sites, the only appeal was by owned and operated by one Puerto 80 Projects, S.L.U. Puerto 80 is apparently a single-member limited liability company (“Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal”) based in the land of see no infringement, aka Spain (see “Google, YouTube get copyright win in Spain“–or “Creators dealt blow in […]