Geist allows death threats on public officials in blog comments; What Happend to the Poker Prof’s Student Group?

Although I’m sure the Prime Minister’s security detail is on top of it, we have another stunning example of negligence on anti-copyright blogs perpetuating the worst sort of chilling speech this time in the form of detailed death threats and assassination advocacy on Michael Geist’s blog directed against the Prime Minister and the heritage minister.

This is the kind of speech-chilling behavior we have seen all too routinely on radical blogs that attract these extreme views.  Geist should take it down and cooperate with prosecutors.

In other news, the Harvard-based Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society (advisors Lessig and Nesson) seems to have disappeared from the Web.  Funny, it happened the same week that Harvard neighbor Rep. Barney Frank decided to disgorge campaign contributions from poker interests accused of bad stuff.    Ah well, I hope that there’s still some honest work for the PartyGaming crew that spread money around Beantown.

Purely coincidental, I’m sure.