Top 20 Posts of 2011

Why not have another year-end chart?  These are the 20 most-read MTP blog posts of 2011:

The MTP Interview: Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering

Clutching Forks and Knives to Eat Their Bacon: Sirius now wants to gut SoundExchange

Book Review: “Free Ride: How Digital Parasites Are Destroying the Culture Business and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back” by Robert Levine

Twenty More Questions for Artists: Record producer agreements, Part 1

The Unelected: Lessig taking shots at artists again

Google’s Pill Problem: “Google Drugs” Pays Record $500 million fine to avoid jail…for now

Reader questions: Digital Aggregator Deals–Is the New Boss Worse than the Old Boss?

Adword Search: How Many People are Searching for Free Movies?

Please help UK indie labels harmed in PIAS warehouse fire

Creative Commons Corporation: Because it sure seems to cost a lot of money to give things away for free

Update: Should there be a rating system for “red flag” knowledge: Are Five Million DMCA notices too many?

Eternal Vigilance: Why copyright owners should protect their metadata in digital retailer agreements

The Triumph of the Middleman: How not to monetize file sharing (in Sweden or elsewhere)

Artist Rights are Human Rights

Did Mr. La Rue Miss the Elephant in the Room? A Critique of the Report of the Special Rapporteur to the U.N. Human Rights Council 

It gets you a meeting: How Google Music Failed to Deliver

Amazon the Destroyer

GAO Still Stonewalling on Sources for “Stealing is Good” Report

How Do They Sleep At Night: Another Demonstration of Google’s Counternotification Scam

Independent Austin Artists Speak Out Against Rogue Sites: It’s not victimless