Intermission in the First Act of The Fetishism and Cognitive Dissonance of the Singularity

I have been waiting for years for both the final collision of the cognitive dissonance produced by the Lessig anti-copyright movement with the rule of law, and rejection of the hive minder’s innovation fetish in collision with the nation state.  While it wasn’t the final collision or the ultimate rejection (by definition), yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee “mark up” hearing […]

Did Mr. La Rue Miss the Elephant in the Room? A Critique of the Report of the Special Rapporteur to the U.N. Human Rights Council (Complete Post)

UPDATE:  Frank La Rue, the former U.N. Special Rapporteur for Human Rights who wrote the only human rights document to mention an American multinational corporation by name (Google) now works for that same American multinational corporation (Google): In honor of International Human Rights Day (December 10) let us revisit this post. It is not lost […]

New Music Weekend: Guy Forsyth, Ren Harvieu, Widowspeak, Gardening Not Architecture, You and Me at Six

Staff picks from Semaphore Music 1.  Guy Forsyth (Austin) New Album coming in the New Year (and one of the best artist websites!) @guy_forsyth 2.  Ren Harvieu (Manchester) “Through the Night” @renharvieu 3.  Widowspeak (Brooklyn) “Gun Shy” @widowspeaking 4.  Gardening Not Architecture (Seattle) “Saboteur” @gnatweets 5.  You and Me At Six (Weybridge) “Loverboy” @youmeatsix

Artist Rights are Human Rights

by Chris Castle December 10 is International Human Rights Day.  For a variety of reasons, today is a good day to think about the state of human rights in general, and for me, in the professional creative community in particular. The recent history of the protection of creator rights is a fascinating story. These discussions […]

GIGO and the Meaning of SAS 70 and SASE 16

Once I had a conversation with someone who was building out an online royalty accounting system.  I suggested that he have some stress testing on his system done by people who are familiar with royalty accounting the music business as it’s kind of a tricky process. The reason it’s tricky is not because it’s so hard to multiply a […]

Would You Rather Just be Waterboarded Now, or Was there a Kafka Sighting at the Federal Trade Commission? Rogue Sites Legislation: Enter the amendments for the 1% (Part 3)

See Also Part 1, Enter the Amendments for the 1% and Part 2, If Google is For It Professional Artists are Getting Robbed The move is now afoot to amend the rogue sites legislation to death–the latest red herring has–of all things–the International Trade Commission getting into the act.  The ITC may be many things and […]