Guest Post: 8 Things Spotify Could Do Right Now to Show They Care About Musicians

By Gavin Castleton, a songwriter and producer from Portland, OR.  Follow him on Twitter @gavincastleton.  Gavin’s Facebook is and his excellent Tumblr commentary page is Copyright 2012 Gavin Castleton.  Used by permission of the author. Promoting “Buy Now” links on album pages and next to individual tracks. Allowing artists to edit their own profiles. […]

Proudly Non-union Lobby Shop for Google and Wikipedia Targets “Union Thugs” With Dirty Tricks

The Google-dominated NetCoalition lobbying group is run by this man: This is Markham Erickson, who, in another life, might have auditioned for Paul Revere & The Raiders.  This time, though, Markham Erickson’s NetCoalition (backed by Google and Wikipedia) is distributing hate pieces on “union thugs”.  And yes, that is the same Markham Erickson who ran another […]

Why did Wikipedia “go dark” (if you can call it that)? The story according to a “volunteer”

Here’s a couple questions:  If Wikipedia takes copyright so seriously it actually monitors for copyright infringement and maintains an advanced state of copyright purity, then how is it that copyright infringement is not part of its function?  And exactly how did the “Wikipedia community” express its “stance” on rogue sites legislation?  Wasn’t it really more […]

This is What Monopoly Looks Like: Buy the digital chickenfeed but steal the movies

An interesting contrast between an objective journalist and Jaron Lanier’s view–or said another way, reality. Molly Wood’s view of the rise of the Google Nation as expressed at the eponymous “In the aftermath of Wednesday’s SOPA/PIPA blackout protests, the Internet community amassed quite a bit of goodwill, flexed its muscles in a friendly, humorous, […]