This Is What Monopoly Looks Like: Jaron Lanier lays it down

In his New York Times Op-Ed “SOPA Boycotts and the False Ideals of the Web“, musician, technologist and all round good guy Jaron Lanier crystalizes the corruption of the “debate” about rogue sites.  If you like MTP, do yourself a favor and read Jaron’s whole piece.  Here are a couple of insightful paragraphs:

“[O]ur opposition [to rogue sites legislation] has become so extreme that we are doing more harm than good to our own cause. Those rare tech companies that have come out in support of SOPA are not merely criticized but barred from industry events and subject to boycotts. We, the keepers of the flame of free speech, are banishing people for their speech. The result is a chilling atmosphere, with people afraid to speak their minds.”

A chilling effect as it were.

“To my friends in the “open” Internet movement, I have to ask: what did you think would happen? We in Silicon Valley undermined copyright to make commerce become more about services instead of content — more about our code instead of their files. The inevitable endgame was always that we would lose control of our own personal content, our own files. We haven’t just weakened Hollywood and old-fashioned publishers. We’ve weakened ourselves.”