“Ask yourself what’s right”: The White House Wants Compromise on Rogue Sites

By Chris Castle Chairman Patrick Leahy made a remarkably prescient comment at the Napster hearing in 2000:  “When you tell 20 million people they can’t do something, they get mad at you.”  The “something” was stealing mostly music and some movies—a problem that in retrospect seems relatively simple. And now, nearly 12 years later, that […]

So Much for the Free Beer

Great result for copyright holders in the Golan case from the U.S. Supreme Court. Justices Bryer and Alito dissented but had some great and insightful language: “[P]iracy often begets piracy, breeding the destructive habit of taking copyrighted works without paying for them, even where payment is possible. Such habits ignore the critical role copyright plays […]

Smoke on the Water: What’s in a “locker”?

As we say around MTP, where there’s fire there’s smoke. Given the misreporting about recent activity in “The Cloud”, one might want to consider the following regarding “locker services.”   What distinguishes what is called a “cyber locker” and “The Cloud”?  The more cynical among us may believe that companies like Google that profit from the […]