More Brilliance from the Cynical Musician

Our friend Faza (who writes the brilliant Cynical Musician blog) summarized those foisting the insipid “Great Firewall of America” attacks on the rogue sites legislation in a recent exchange on Twitter that is well worth repeating:  “As someone who’s lived under a proper dictatorship I have to point out: lumping those together makes you look […]

A Royal Flush: The Poker Prof and his Full House React to the Protect IP Act–Part 1

Whenever I see one of these open letter thingys from the professoriate–particularly when it has to do with artist rights–I check the signatures for one name. Yes, you guessed it.  The Poker Prof (aka Lawrence Lessig). That’s about all I need to know.  I can tell you how the letter’s plot line will go just by knowing that one fact.  If […]

Paul Vixie Has a “Hollywood” Problem: Richard Bennett and George Ou Provide A Counterargument to the Technocratic Criticism of DNS Filtering of Rogue Sites

The network engineer Richard Bennett (who edits High Tech Forum among other things) has a very informative and nontechnical article in the New York Post explaining why the Internet will not be “broken” by rogue sites legislation. “SOPA simply requires ISPs to delist the Internet addresses of foreign sites  found by a US court to […]