Good News:

Update:  Read more about in our Huffington Post interview and listen to the Innovation Central podcast. (and @patronism) allows artists to create a patron-type relationship with their fans and give their fans steady access to the artist’s music.  Each artist decides how to structure that relationship, how much to give and how much to charge.  The site is the brainchild of Austin artist John Pointer, truly one of the most gifted performers and vocalists I’ve ever heard (or seen).

Not a surprise–Patronism is not trying to be all things to all people and there is an A&R process to being able to participate in the site.  We like that–no get big fast here, just get good faster.

Although I’ve heard a lot of claims for “new income streams”, Patronsim may actually be a completely new income stream that doesn’t “cannibalize” any others.

Check out the good news at and listen to the MTP podcast interview with John Pointer.