Adword Search: How Many People are Searching for Free Movies?

Here’s a little experiment:  Try using Google Adwords “keywords tool”–a program that suggests Google Adwords matched to keywords you enter.  Meaning, if you want to buy an Adword because you are selling, for example “harry potter movie”, it will tell you the most popular Adwords you can buy.

Just to cut to the chase, try searching for “free harry potter movie” and see what happens.  Let me save you the trip (it requires CAPTCHA):

“free harry potter movie”  gets 90,500 global monthly searches (up from 60,500 a year ago when we first tried this experiment).

But “free movies”?  Holding steady at 45,500,00 global monthly searches (right next to “free movie for free”).

“torrent” had 226 million global monthly searches

“torrent movie” had 6.12 million.

A keyword search based on the website revealed some interesting opporunities with over 30,000,000 global monthly searches, and of course that old chestnut pushed global monthly searches for certain keywords over 500,000,000.

You get the idea.  How would Google ever know it was profiting from Adwords advertising for illegal goods until the creators track down all their torrents?