Canard du jour: Do residuals make you lazy? If the age of privacy is over, is the age of royalties over, too?

One of the common misapprehensions one hears from the “music/facts/books/news/movies/games are like water” crowd is that creators don’t deserve the royalties and residuals for which their unions and they fought for so long.  But that is just one of many arguments to justify theft we have heard from the radical tech “libratarians”, belying an inapt sense of entitlement […]

Facts are Not Like Water, Either: Encyclopedia Britannica Online Launches

The authoritative Encyclopedia Britannica launched a new online site at  The “facts are like water” crowd will no doubt prefer the work product of the wisdom of mobs, but I personally tend to agree with Britannica’s slogan:  Facts matter. I will also be interested in comparing entries in Britannica to entries in the Encyclopedia of […]

The YouTube Autonomous Zone in Canada’s Bill C-11

“Pirate utopias” have been a long-running fascination with the anti-copyright crowd, which I think is spillover from the  “information wants to be free” cult.  The anarchist Peter Lamborn Wilson writing under the handle “Hakim Bey” wrote what is probably the best known book on the “pirate utopia” under the title “The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism” (1991) […]