Would Lofgren Like Yet Another Apology to Google?

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Google) blasted U.S. Register of Copyright Maria Pallante because of the Register’s statement of the law regarding the purpose of copyright as well as meetings that the Register of Copyrights took with companies in the copyright business at the Copyright Office (i.e., not at Caribou Coffee, the coffee shop across the street from the White House where the elites meet).  Lofgren complained that this was somehow inappropriate.

That rang a distant bell somewhere, and then I remembered where I’d heard that kind of beefing from Google before.  It was in an email from the recently departed head lobbyist for Google, Alan Davidson, to the former head lobbyist for Google, Andrew McLaughlin who was at the time employed by the President of the United States:

Perhaps Ms. Lofgren would like the Register to apologize to Google as the Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s lawyers said the United States Department of Justice did over the inconvenience of a U.S. Attorney discussing Google’s sale of advertising to promote the importation of controlled substances into the United States.  By all indications, Messrs Davidson and McLaughlin would think that apology idea was just peachy and in keeping with the moral compass of the Coffee Generation.