A Nostalgic Look at Pilot Season

For all those of you who know the meaning of “table read”, it may seem hard to believe that you’d ever be nostalgic for pilot season.  But in the world of Google TV that will soon be upon us, pilots, up fronts, union jobs, residuals, separated rights, the whole schmear will soon be gone, or at least fading to black.

The Hollywood Reporter’s guide to pilot season (see the 2012 version here) may soon be a thing of the past.  Because we don’t want those evil Hollywood television executives deciding which of their expensive shows get to go to production, no, no.  We want those “don’t be evil” tech executives greenlighting everything from “Bonzo Takes a Dump” to “Fire Fart.”

We don’t want those evil Hollywood creative types convincing advertisers that a show and a cast deserve a chance to find an audience, no, no.  We want the “don’t be evil” tech executives convincing actors that the true purpose of culture is to reflect what the advertisers want and that what we really need is more product placements.

And residuals?  No, no, why pay lazy actors for work they haven’t done?