EFF’s Wendy Seltzer on organizing ORG: Ears that touch music will never touch mine

The former EFF staff attorney, Wendy Selzer (although her interviewer seems to have dropped that affiliation from her bio) tells us of how the future is circumventing the nation state, ending copyright and that artists need to tour (forever, apparently).  She looks forward to the destruction of the “megastar” in favor of “local acts” (who presumably would be prevented from becoming “megastars” in some way?).  (Of course, that “geek around the nation state” theme is something we’re heard many times before, such as from former White House Czar Susan Crawford.)

She tells us that the real threat to liberty are monopolistic entertainment companies, telecommunications companies and one or two big social networking sites.

Not a word about monopolist Google.  Not. One. Word.

For more “information” she suggests first and formost Reddit–shocker–and the ORG, EFF and Public Knowledge.  Those aren’t all funded by George Soros, are they?  So if you’re looking for more “information”, why not cut to the chase and just go to www.soros.org?