Send in the Clowns: Meet the Security Chief of Your Government’s Data Apps, Eran Raven, Mentalist

Yes, that’s right.  Google’s security chief for its government products plays Russian Roulette with nail guns on national television.  And–according to his Wikipedia bio, “Raven has been linked to Heather Sweet (AKA Dita Von Teese) when they went to University High School together and Glamor Model Carmen Electra whom they met after his Nail Gun demonstration.”

I guess chicks dig the nails.

Gawker tells us:

Maybe it should come as no surprise that Google’s Director of Security is also a “mentalist” magician; few can better sell the illusion of ironclad internet security, after all, than a master of deception who fooled thousands of NBC viewers.

But Eran Feigenbaum — better known as “Eran Raven” — has turned the cheese knob up awfully high, considering his buttoned-down job as the Director of Security for the putative blue-chip operation that is Google Enterprise, which is trying to sell “cloud computing” to no less uptight a customer than the federal government.

So once again, Google’s commercial involvment with the federal government takes on a circus-like atmosphere, except this is no sideshow–and once again the U.S. government’s General Services Administration is in the middle of some odd shenanegans.  No hot tubbing with GSA Commissioner Jeff Neeley in Vegas–yet–but the GSA seems to have given Google a contract that will allow Google and it would seem Eran Raven, Mentalist, to get access to at least potentially classified information.


What happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas–mentally speaking, of course.

So who is Eran Raven?  It appears that his real name is Eran Feigenbaum who claims to have worked in the “intelligence community” which has a very specific meaning where I come from.  So…think about this:  Does this just seem like a circus or do you think that Google actually submits their performers–I mean, security directors–to background checks?  I suppose that concern is unwarranted–after all, if it’s good enough for the GSA….