EFF’s Wendy Seltzer on organizing ORG: Ears that touch music will never touch mine

The former EFF staff attorney, Wendy Selzer (although her interviewer seems to have dropped that affiliation from her bio) tells us of how the future is circumventing the nation state, ending copyright and that artists need to tour (forever, apparently).  She looks forward to the destruction of the “megastar” in favor of “local acts” (who presumably would […]

Life in the Two Gulfstream Family: Senator Grassley Nails NASA Administrator for Google’s Misuse of Moffett Field

Senator Grassley drops a love note to the NASA Administrator. The Honorable Charles F. Bolden, Jr. Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration Two Independence Square 300 E Street, SW Washington, DC 20546 Dear Administrator Bolden: I am writing you concerning Google Inc.’s (Google’s) partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its activities […]

A Nostalgic Look at Pilot Season

For all those of you who know the meaning of “table read”, it may seem hard to believe that you’d ever be nostalgic for pilot season.  But in the world of Google TV that will soon be upon us, pilots, up fronts, union jobs, residuals, separated rights, the whole schmear will soon be gone, or at […]

#NewMusic Weekend: Slow Down, Molasses, Boy Friend, Me and My Drummer, Not Squares, Family of the Year

Top 5 this week from Sempahore Music staffers (subject always to the Ultimate Arbiter of Taste): Spotify playlist: Semaphore #NewMusic 5-14-12 1.  Slow Down, Molassas (Saskatoon) “Light” @slowdownmolasse 2.  Boy Friend (Austin) “Egyptian Wrinkle” @boyfriendmusiq 3.  Me and My Drummer (Berlin) “Heavy Weight” 4.  Not Squares (Belfast) “Fall Far” @notsquares 5.  Family of the Year […]

The Wrong Flow

We’ve been doing a little informal polling among publishers who have received statements recently from Rightsflow for Google Play.  While this is hardly scientific, everyone–everyone–we have spoken to so far says that substantial portions of the titles on their statements are not theirs.  Which makes these publishers wonder who is getting statements for their songs. At […]