Don’t be Moral: Why Does Google Consistently Deflect Questions of Machine Ethics?

“As robots become more autonomous, the notion of computer-controlled machines facing ethical decisions is moving out of the realm of science fiction and into the real world.” “Morals and the Machine,” The Economist I was invited to a small dinner recently with representatives of Google and Google-backed advocacy and lobbying groups.  This was probably a […]

In Which: @AndrewOrlowski Catches Google Calling Up the “Useful Innocents”

Yes, when sleeping with the enemy is not enough, it’s time for fear and astroturfing in the UK.  The resilient Andrew Orlowski writes in The Register (“Google Orders Spontaneous Support for Parliamentary Motion“) that a former staffer for UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and–wait for it–current Google employee sent an email “call to action” […]