A casual example of how Google profits from lyric piracy and screws songwriters

I just happened to get a call from a songwriter about an illegal use of the lyrics from his songs.  Thus we found http://www.lyrics007.com registered in–wait for it….China.  Statshow estimates the monthly revenue is $41,000.00, 112,000,000 annual visitors and Google indexes over 600,000 pages.

After a little poking I found that Lyrics007 has just about any song you would want and–I know this will come as a shock–plenty of advertising.  Served by?  Google, of course.  In fact, we saw plenty of ads for Google Play itself as well as YouTube partner promotions.

Little Big Town promotes Google Play and McDonalds as well as some drug ad for birth control:

Not only that, but Google is serving this illegal site ads for the H20 Festival and the Warped Tour to help a pirate site stay in business–oh, and make money for Google, of course.

And you know where the AdChoices “Free Music Download” ad goes to?

And then if Bob Dylan thought that getting a Presidential medal would get him any copyright protection, boy was he wrong:

That’s what you get for wearing sunglasses indoors, Bob.  But look at the bright side, you could become a YouTube partner.  Just click on the ad.