Proof of Life: Professor Danaher on the Success of Graduated Response

Professor Brett Danaher, the Wellesley economist, gave an excellent presentation on France’s HADOPI graduated response program at the Global Forum that I was honored to moderate in Toronto during Canadian Music Week.  Professor Danaher’s independent econometric study shows that HADOPI has been quite effective in educating the French public, slowing piracy and increasing sales.  While there are many differences between the U.S. Copyright Alert System and HADOPI (which no doubt will be misquoted frequently in coming days), it seems clear that doing something is vastly better than doing nothing. 

As usual, the Global Forum presented some of the most thought provoking information and discussion that is available at any conference and was not the usual “betcha it’s free/betcha it ain’t” mudslinging that passes for thought at so many of these things.  MusicCanada and Canadian Music Week are to be commended for sustaining this dialog over the years.