A Lesson in Machine Ethics: More bunk from Google’s PR Department on the YouTube MP3 Ripper

Here’s the Google duck of the day:  According to PC World: The free ride may ending for people who rip YouTube music videos to MP3s through youtube-mp3.org and similar sites. YouTube’s lawyers have sent cease-and-desist letters to the sites, threatening “legal consequences” to those that don’t comply, TorrentFreak reports. Youtube-mp3.org also claims that its servers […]

Where have you gone John Perry Barlow the Google Nation turns its lonely eyes to you….

It is not about Northern vs. Southern California:

An excellent topic came up at the recent Google Tech Summit in Napa Valley that bears repeating–trying to lump all of the tech companies into one pot as “Northern California” against artists in “Southern California” is too facile by half and is a form of geocentric narcissism. First of all, you can’t lump all tech companies […]

A casual example of how Google profits from lyric piracy and screws songwriters

I just happened to get a call from a songwriter about an illegal use of the lyrics from his songs.  Thus we found http://www.lyrics007.com registered in–wait for it….China.  Statshow estimates the monthly revenue is $41,000.00, 112,000,000 annual visitors and Google indexes over 600,000 pages. After a little poking I found that Lyrics007 has just about any song you […]

#NewMusic Weekend: Nina Nesbitt, Jensen Reed, Rizzle Kicks, Knife Party, Master and Dog

Semaphore Music Staff Picks (Spotify playlist: 6-3-12 Semaphore Music Top 5) 1. Nina Nesbitt (Edinburgh) “Glue (Live”) @ninanesbitt 2. Jensen Reed (Los Angeles) “After the War” @jensenreed 3.  Rizzle Kicks (Brighton) “Down with the Trumpets” @rizzlekicks 4.  Knife Party  (Oz) “Antidote” [Rage Valley on Beatport] @knifepartyinc 5.  Master and Dog (Belfast) “Canada” @jsatcreatures