Daddy’s Home for Google Drugs: “Once they know you had the money to spend, they let you advertise”

An eye popping Associated Press interview with the Man Who Got Google, David Whitaker.  This is a must read, as is his further accounts on his website.  Here’s a couple examples from the AP article:

Whitaker credits AdWords with helping the business take off. He recalls talking with a Google representative in Buenos Aires, Argentina, about the anti-aging, bodybuilding and weight-loss products the site was selling.

“She did not hesitate at all and wanted to start advertising it right away,” said Whitaker, reading from a written account of his time in Mexico. He said he deposited $30,000 to start.

“Once they know you had the money to spend, they let you advertise,” Whitaker said.

This will all sound familiar to anyone who read the Wall Street Journal coverage of the EasyDownloadCenterer case.  Here’s another:

Whitaker said the first site looked like the handiwork of a Mexican drug lord trading in HGH and steroids. But after a few rejections by Google and some advice from a U.S.-based representative on what revisions to make, Whitaker said the ads went live.

Compare to Eric Schmidt’s recent “I am not a crook” speech at Davos.

Whitaker’s “Google Undercover” site is quite the shocker (but only if you think public companies have a duty to citizens of the country that made them rich):

I  told of Google allowing rogue internet pharmacies to advertise on their AdWords  platform. When living in Mexico, fleeing from my indictment on a multi-million  dollar fraud case, I sold pharmaceutical products over the internet. I learned  how easy it was to advertise these products on Google’s AdWords platform and  how eager their staff was to assist me in doing so.    When policy was an issue, their staff was  quick to find a work around to continue to allow me to spend my advertising  monies, often helping me redesign my own website to conform to their policy.

Rut-ro, I think that was the sound of Daddy coming home.