Jimbo strikes again

One of the funniest anecdotes of Tweets about the copyleft’s “break the Internet” mantra is attributed to Ana Marie Cox (the brilliant founder of the Wonkette blog) who summed it all up:

“It is starting to look like my ‘but I can’t file a piece today, the INTERNET IS BROKEN’ excuse will work afterall. #sopa” — The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

That Tweet crystallizes the inspired writing of Ms. Cox–one part Dorothy Parker, one part H.L. Mencken.  She now works at The Guardian, the U.K. publication where the well known Internet huckster Jimbo Wales–the gadfly without borders–recently published his latest wailing regarding the extradition of the operator of TVShack (dot something or other depending on which part of his bad advice he’s listening to that day).  Jimbo’s wailing in the Guardian and elsewhere on the extradition subject is yet another piece responding to the Fat Cat Signal.

You can always detect Fat Cat-ism because it blatantly avoids ever acknowledging that it’s artists, authors, actors and journalists–not just the loathsome “Hollywood moguls”–who are getting ripped off by Big Tech and the merry band of useful innocents who feed them.  Oh, sorry–the People of the Internet standing up against Censorship led by their elected representative, Jimbo Wales.  Actually–strike that “elected” and replace it with “self appointed”.  And given that 13% of Wikipedia editors are under age 17, you might be able to add “child labor magnate” to that noun-epithet formula.  You can just hear Gary Hart saying, “He can help you, son, ’cause you’re too young to vote.”

It appears that Ms. Cox the Guardian journalist and Jimbo know each other well enough to get their pic snapped–you’ll recognize this photo as the source for Ms. Cox’s page on Wikipedia.  Maybe one of the legion of unpaid 17 year olds thought that it would be charming to crop Ms. Cox from the couple’s picture where they did for a couple of reasons.

But would the Wikipedia editors have used this picture this way without the photogenic boss man’s consent?  Oh, right.  It’s leaderless.  Just ask Jared Cohen.