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Neil Young Exploited… We’re Speechless… The impressive list below is just scratching the surface, or the tip of the iceberg. The only question to ask is… How much money have these brands paid these ad networks, which ultimately is collected by these actively infringing sites, to profit from the music…

Back to the Wall of Shame: @Zedoinc still serving popups to H33T.com

As we noted in “Google Downlinking in Action: Is Esther Dyson Stealing from Death Cab for Cutie?” we spotted Zedo, a company backed by Internet denizen Esther Dyson,  selling ads on some unsavory sites.  Zedo said they were pulling their ads last week.  (Zedo’s Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/ZEDOadsolutions) Despite their protestations about their ads appearing on illegal […]

Light Up the Fat Cat Signal, Crony Capitalism is Back: The Internet Radio Unfairness Act

AFM President Ray Hair has a great op-ed in The Hill’s Congress Blog about the so-called “Internet Radio Fairness Act”–which shows how much Big Tech takes advantage of its lobbying clout to screw musicians.  That’s called “crony capitalism” meaning that the big boys keep getting bigger by using their government connections.  The “middle class musicians” keep […]

A Commendable Response from Zedo

We got this nice comment today from Francine Hardaway on behalf of Zedo (who we called out in an earlier post).  It’s gratifying to hear that a company in the ad network business cares enough about artists to respond to criticism.  This exchange highlights the most important aspect of the collision of legitimate companies with the seedy […]

Some insights into the Pussy Riot prosecution

[Our Central European correspondent has some insights into the Pussy Riot prosecution that might be of interest to MTP readers.  This is more of a realpolitik analysis and should not be taken as being against Pussy Riot.] First and foremost, it is important for Western readers to know that Putin is going after the band […]

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WARNING! The following is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. We strongly recommend seeking the advice of a lawyer. Find below easy to follow step by step instructions to de-list your infringing links from Google Web Search. As you scroll down the page and make your…