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Wall of Shame: @McDonalds Puts the Olympics Brand on Illegal Websites

August 1, 2012

Don’t trust McDonald’s to protect your brand from being seen in ads on illegal sites!

Yes, if you look in the right hand side of this page of Young Chris lyrics from Lyrics007, you will see the Olympics logo featured prominently in the McDonald’s advertising.

And then there is this screen capture where McDonald’s doubles down:

Think this might have been a little Olympics based SEO?

And of course Lyrics007 (with the slogan “We Do Better than James Bond” which itself is a trademark infringement) is a Google Adsense publisher:

All part of the Olympic spirit, yes?

If you spot ads with the Olympics logo appearing on illegal sites, you can report it to the London 2012 Intellectual Property Crime Group established by the IOC:

The production and sale of counterfeit merchandise is a criminal offence. We are therefore working closely with the relevant authorities to tackle the problem and have established the London 2012 Intellectual Property Crime Group for this purpose.

This Group includes representatives from the Metropolitan Police, Serious Organised Crime Agency, the UK Border Agency, HM Customs & Excise, Trading Standards, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and LOCOG’s commercial partners. We work with this Group to take preventative measures against counterfeiting and support the authorities in bringing prosecutions where appropriate.

We have also ensured that official London 2012 merchandise is easily identifiable and distinguishable from counterfeit products through the use of hologram technology on our swing tags, and through other industry best practice.  We ask for you to support us by only purchasing genuine London 2012 products (look out for the London 2012 hologram which flickers between the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic emblems). Please also report any goods you think may be infringing by emailing us at brandprotection@london2012.com

(This is not to ignore Netflix, whose presence on pirate sites is ubiquitous–I guess some people are so desperate, they don’t care where they get their customers.)

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