Google Downlinking in Action: Is Esther Dyson stealing from Death Cab for Cutie?

We found Death Cab for Cutie through a Google search for “”Death Cab for Cutie” torrents”, linked to The Pirate Bay for a full discography download sponsored by: Our friends at Xertive with a popup from some new friends at Zedo.  Zedo’s management team is lead by Roy De Souza and his merry band of liberators.  Zedo’s extremely cool advisory board is lead by Esther Dyson, Queen Futurist and Internet Savant.  Investors?  Zedo’s got ’em!  A list right here.  Yes, and tonight Esther and her 1%ers are tucking a few more pennies under the pillow courtesy of Death Cab for Cutie and The Pirate Bay.  Not to mention style points because she doesn’t seem to give a rat’s patootie if Death Cab or the Asian girls can survive!  Esther is kicking it Old Skool!  Pimpin’!

And we also found Zedo is serving ads to, the well-known torrent site based in the Seychelles.

There’s your Internet Freedom–getting away with it!  Esther, you go girl!  Freedom! Freedom!  Light up the Fat Cat Signal!