Just in time for Google’s Big Tent event, Grooveshark is Reinstated in the Android Market

A tale of two scumbags:

According to Digital Music News, Google has welcomed the pirate app Grooveshark back into the Android Market on the eve of Google’s Big Tent event in New York (featuring an “unveiling” from Cirque de Soleil).

“The reinstatement is nothing short of a slap in Universal Music Group’s face, and will likely sour the relationship between the two companies.”

It’s not just UMG–Grooveshark is an equal opportunity thief, just like Google.  When did Google ban Grooveshark?  When they thought SOPA was going to pass and they wanted to tell the Congress how much Google respected copyright.  When did they let them back in?  Afterwards.

Now we all knew this was utter crap when Google said it to the House Judiciary Committee (and so did the Members, we suspect).  But how can self-respecting members of the creative community show up for Google’s Big Tent event when they know it is promoted by a thief?