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We have a new addition to our recommended blogs, Vox Indie edited by our friend Ellen Seidler, a leader in the independent film community (follow @voxindie).  Ellen is no stranger to MTP readers.  She was the first to identify just how deeply Google provides the financial support for massive theft through brand supported piracy in her writings and her Pop Up Pirates blog.

Pop Up Pirates documents Ellen’s struggle against brand-sponsored theft with her independently financed film, Then Came Lola, a quintessential example of how Megavideo and other brand-supported Bit Torrent sites backed by Madison Avenue ad agencies and Google, among others, are singlemindedly destroying the independent film–and most of the smaller studio pictures for that matter.

Ellen’s voice has been of incalculable importance in the struggle against “Wall of Shame” type corporate brand supported piracy and the entire rats’ nest of ad networks, real time bidders and ad agency trading desks.  Her writing is excellent, her mind is clear and you should read her.

We recommend Ellen’s excellent “how to” on how indies can use YouTube’s ContentID blocking tool to remove their content from Google’s clutches.  Although Google won’t let ContentID work on downlinked search results and won’t downlink search results from YouTube for some reason probably having to do with Google’s revenue.  (Maybe they know at the shadowy Maker Studios.)