The Artists, United, Can Never Be Defeated

Yesterday on Capitol Hill did not quite go the way that the Internet Radio Fairness Coalition had in mind.  At all.  More about that will be written.  Mr. Chaffetz–more about him later, too–had asked Mr. Goodlatte for a hearing on the so-called Internet Radio Fairness Act, and a hearing he got.  I would say mostly a “listening” […]

The “Free Culture” Book Report Redux: Terry Hart’s Part 1 on why the RSC “paper” really wasn’t ready for primetime

Some of you may have heard about the “policy paper” that was posted on the website of the Republican Study Conference (which as near as I can tell is a kind of conservative caucus in the Congress) written by a Georgetown law student–and then promptly withdrawn by the RSC.  Why was the paper withdrawn?  As […]

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others: Citizens Against Government Waste Opposes Internet Radio Fairness Act

Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the dirt? Always have clean shirts to play around in…. In their eyes there’s something lacking, what they need’s a damn good whacking… Piggies, by George Harrison The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste–home of the “Swineline”–announced its opposition to the so-called Internet Radio Fairness Act.  Yes, the […]

The Inmates Are Restless: @zoecello’s excellent idea meets the fog of trolls and the Bundler’s Dilemma

I always say that the great thing about the Internet is that it brings people together who would otherwise might never have met.  The bad news is that regardless of the Internet, the place they would likely have met is prison.  Who are these people?  You know–The Trolls.  Often corporate backed attackers leaving pre-digested bits […]

Critiquing The “Free Culture” Book Report or “The Copyright Education of Mr. Khanna”

Forbes Magazine commentator Scott Cleland has an interesting blog post regarding the Republican Study Committee’s withdrawn book report on Free Culture…sorry, “policy paper” on copyright reform written by a committee staffer and boosted almost immediately by a number of Google Shill Listers.  In fact, Mr. Khanna’s LinkedIn bio–one does wonder where they find these guys–reveals […]

Why is Houston Congressman @repgenegreen Co-Sponsoring Union Busting IRFA?

In a startling discovery, Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) has signed on to co-sponsor the union-busting so-called “Internet Radio Fairness Act.”  As MTP readers will remember, the union-busting bill is opposed by the AFL-CIO, and for good reason–it undermines the protections of assembly and expression guaranteed to unions under the Wagner Act (aka the National Labor Relations […]