Copyright Small Claims and Google’s Revolving Door

Interesting reading–Google’s objections to the Copyright Office’s proposal for a small claims system written by one Oliver Metzger.  Participants and the Small Business Administration’s Orpan Works Round Table in 2008 in New York will remember Mr. Metzger–he was the one going around telling participants that what they said at the round table made no difference and would be ineffective against the orphan works bill.

You know, the one that Google backed but that didn’t pass in 2008.

And Mr. Metzger then worked at…wait for it.   The U.S. Copyright Office.  The same office that he’s now lobbying on behalf of Google as a Google employee.

And of course his objections could be summarized easily–Google doesn’t like it because it would deny them the ability to out-litigate individual songwriters, photographers, artists and illustrators.

In other words, it might be effective.