Under the Big Tent: Red State Against IRFA

The erudite Neil Stevens (exceptionally erudite when I agree with him, of course) who writes the Tech at Night column at Red State had this to say about IRFA:

….[T]he Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA) [is] now opposed by Marsha Blackburn and [Citizens Against Government Waste].  Pandora and other Internet streamers want to get a special provision of law giving them government-mandates lower rates they must pay copyright holders. It’s absurd and should not pass, at all.

Regular readers may remember in the past I’ve been cautious about IRFA, not taking a clear stand. It’s because I wasn’t sure if there weren’t existing regulations that this was simplifying. It’s not the case. This is just people wanting cheaper stuff because it’s the Internets. No sale.

Nothing more to add.