Google Ignores @carolynbmaloney and @janehamsher and Sells Ads for Russian Brides Sites

MTP readers will remember the scandal over the Android Utoopi escort app that prompted Representative Carolyn B. Maloney to seek assurances from Google that the app would be removed from the Android Market (Apple never allowed it to be distributed in the App Store).

Not only did Representative Maloney call out Google about Google’s “sex club” app, but she also sent Google CEO Larry Page a bi-partisan letter with Representative Marsha Blackburn about Google’s predatory practices on human trafficking.  Given that there seems to be a never ending trail of prostitution busts from Craigslist, and other online advertisers, it should come as no surprise that Google’s Adsense also profits from this vertical in their human misery operation.

A casual Google search for “russian brides” reveals that not only does Google deliver search results for these sketchy sites, they also sell the ads.  They profit from human misery all day every day in countless ways.

Let’s understand something about Google–they will do anything for money and they really don’t give a rats patootie about the law, elected officials or the nation state.  And so far, why should they?  No one ever does anything about their debased business practices or would ever consider–arresting somebody.

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  1. As far as I know, or can see from looking at the site, Craigslist sells NOTHING.. why are you putting it into the same company as these others?


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