Not Ready for Prime Time

I’ve heard a fair amount of agina today about a memo that was posted on the Republican Study Committee site, but not for the reason you might think.  I had the privilege to work on the “Very Special Christmas” records to benefit Special Olympics, and for those who are involved in this issue due to […]

Under the Big Tent: Red State Against IRFA

The erudite Neil Stevens (exceptionally erudite when I agree with him, of course) who writes the Tech at Night column at Red State had this to say about IRFA: ….[T]he Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA) [is] now opposed by Marsha Blackburn and [Citizens Against Government Waste].  Pandora and other Internet streamers want to get a special […]

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
Every once in a while Google will accidentally reveal their true  nature through some cute slogan or catchphrase. There is of course their famous corporate slogan  “Don’t be evil”. As noted previously, we at The Trichordist believe that  “Don’t be evil” is not their corporate slogan but secretly their  corporate reminder.…

Pandora’s Spinners Destroy Stock Price

Check out the performance of NYSE:P this week–Pandora’s Tim Westergren’s performance at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Conference was a new approach for a top executive of a public company.  Bring the spinners from the company’s shillery and the bots from the company’s trade association to do what?  Build up the company’s future with all the […]

David Lowery’s Panel at Future of Music Policy Conference Brings Out the Spinners

By the way, the first question to the panel from the floor comes from Pandora’s lobbyist Elizabeth W. Frazee, top spinner from Washington shillery Twin Logic Strategies–who also spins for the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Consumer Electronics Association, Net Coalition, Yahoo!–all of which MTP readers will recognize.  (Nearly $1.5 million in lobbying money so far this […]