FTC Treats Google With Kid Gloves and No Transparency

According to MLex, the Federal Trade Commission is preparing to allow Google to submit a non-binding letter that will describe a few things Google is willing to do to get out of the pesky FTC investigation into its business.  Bowing and scraping to Google…well, maybe not scraping…the FTC is taking an unprecedentedly lax approach that reeks of political favoritism and crony capitalism.

The letter makes no mention of the most serious complaint against Google, which alleged the company deliberately biased its search results to favor its own products….Under the normal settlement procedures, FTC staff draft a consent order with legally binding commitments by which a company must abide….[T]he public can submit comments on the settlement before it is finalized….In the absence of a consent order, companies opposed to the resolution of the Google probe likely won’t have the opportunity to provide formal public comments….Independent observers said privately that they suspect that the FTC bowed to political pressure….

Now there’s some astute observers.  How in the world did they ever figure that out all by themselves?  You don’t mean…(UP STRINGS, BIG FINISH)…the fox is guarding the henhouse?

To sum it all up…your government is screwing you.

And now…back to sleep.