excellent source for understanding recent past of orphan works laws by Brad Holland, a great artist and artist advocate. You can thank Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner for stopping orphan works legislation in the US.

The Trichordist

We at the Trichordist are expecting another push at so-called “orphan works” legislation in the U.S. Congress during the upcoming legislative session.  We take a dim view of the “orphan works” theory–it seems to be yet another way of undermining copyright through a back-door safe harbor.  If the last effort at “orphan works” legislation was any guide, it will another excuse for copyright infringement–if the infringer doesn’t quite qualify for a “fair use” defense, then they will say that their use of the infringed work is an “orphan” because they tried really, really hard to find the copyright owner, but couldn’t quite seem to find them.  We think that “orphan works” puts the fox squarely in the henhouse, and is another clear example of the law creating another moral hazard to the detriment of artists.

We have a lot of readers in the music business, and people in the music…

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