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At SXSW in 2012 Billy Corgan shared his thoughts about the music business from his perspective, including his thoughts that you can’t really make money in the music business anymore. Billy is probably right that musicians can’t really make money in the music business anymore, but it appears there is…

Proposed CPA Regulations for Statutory Licenses

There has been some activity at the Copyright Office regarding the proposed regulations for statements of account under the compulsory mechanical royalty license.  (Or as we call it around here, “the woefully inadequate regulations for statements of account”, but that’s another story.) I commend to those of you who are interested (and all songwriters) the […]

RIP Ravi Shankar

Ever tried to fret a sitar?  I mean a real one.  If you haven’t, try it sometime.  Just try playing one single, true note on a real sitar (this would be after you learn how to hold it properly).  Then think about 16th note scales.  Forget improvisation, just the scales. The first time I tried […]

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
The Copyright Office public comment period for statements of account on mechanical royalties closes tonight, so there’s still time for songwriters to post comments about the proposed regulations. The new regulations apply to the license that some services like Spotify rely on for on-demand streaming as well as the new…

Thank you again @johnmellencamp: USC-Annenberg starts corporate responsibility study for brand-supported piracy

MTP readers will recall our many posts about what we call “brand-supported piracy“:  The purchase of advertising inventory on pirate sites by major brands wishing to reach their target audience.  These purchases are often given effect through intermediaries, either big ad agencies with real time barter trading desks (similar to derivatives trading and just as unregulated), ad […]

HFA/Amazon and MRI

Lot’s of quizzical…yes, that’s what it was, quizzical…reaction to the announcement by HFA that they will be handling a few items for Amazon.  First of all, I have to say that it’s always encouraging when one of the Gang of Four tech oligarchs (per Eric Schmidt) like Amazon does something on the top of the […]