Why we should not be too quick to judge Mr. Chaffetz along with his Internet Radio Fairness Act

I was struck by a continuing theme during the recent hearing on “Music Licensing Part One: Legislation in the 112th Congress” before the House IP Subcommittee (the “IRFA hearing”).  Mr. Chaffetz wants to do the right thing but he got some really bad advice.  There were flickers of connections between Mr. Chaffetz’ questions and other statements by the usual […]

Senator Corker Opposes IRFA in US Senate

Dear Colleague I am writing today to urge you to oppose The Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA), S. 3609. This bill would impose below-market rates for music creators when compensated by Internet radio companies for the use of their work. IRFA has attracted opposition from organizations on both sides of the political spectrum including the […]

Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy Tells Paul Resnikoff He Doesn’t Know How Much Money He Makes from Pandora

Must be nice to be able to forget your salary–Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News gets the scoop: So let’s help Joe refresh his recollection. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Joseph J. Kennedy, Pandora’s CEO, President and Board Chair Director) was recently granted Pandora stock options totaling 1.35 million shares at $10.63, or […]