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Pandora’s 2013 Strategy: Change for Congress

January 11, 2013

So much for “Change Congress”–it’s now become “Change for Congress”.

The Internet Radio Fairness Coalition lead by Pandora has revealed that not only will the Internet Radio Fairness Act be back in the new Congress, according to Politico’s Morning Tech, “this year is going to bring the fight of Pandora’s political life” to protect Joe Kennedy’s $700,000 a year salary and Tim Westergren’s million a month in stock sales.

And how would Pandora manage to accomplish this political acquisition?  The Google Way–they’ll buy it.  Or maybe Pandora will rent the Googleplex on the Potomac (aka Washington DC) from landlord Google, there’s enough overlap with Google Shill Listers or Google-dominated trade associations in the Internet Radio Fairness Coalition (CCIA, DiMA, etc.).

For one thing, Westergren said he anticipates the company will devote more resources in 2013 to lobbying, an area in which Pandora in the first three quarters of last year spent $160,000. (The full year’s lobbying tab won’t be available until later this month, when Q4 reports are due to the feds.) Beyond that, Westergren didn’t commit to much else specifically, noting Pandora’s political play-calling would be “determined over the course of this year.” He did say, though, the company would rally its users if it must, as it did in the last royalty go ’round. AndWestergren said he didn’t think Pandora would go the way of creating a PAC in the near future. (We’ll note, by the way, Westergren was a big donor last election: He wrote checks to President Barack Obama, Rep. John Conyers and House Judciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, among others.)

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  1. January 11, 2013 at 11:56

    Chris, thanks for keeping us updated on this miserable legislation; bad for musicians anyway. Without the money and lobbyists, we’ll need the numbers, so please, keep us posted.

    Also, I want to acknowledge you and the Trichordist for bringing the advertising scandal to peoples attention. The reality that legitimate US Businesses are supporting illegal sites that prey on working class Americans is totally unacceptable. Not to mention the search providers that look the other way and drag their feet in the name of short term profits.

    There is something fundamentally broken if we live in a society that has such little regard for music, film, art, literature and photography, while we worship at the alter of progress and profitability.

    Keep up the important work.

    Will Buckley, founder, FarePlay


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