UPDATED: The Real Gangnam Style: Was Google Off a Couple Magnitudes on Earnings Call?

According to the Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey in her reporting about Google’s January 22 Q4 earnings call: Youtube has become one of the biggest forces behind Google’s growth, said Nikesh Arora, Google’s chief business officer. Viewers watched an average of 4 billion hours of video a month in 2012. Gangnam Style, the most-watched video of […]

“Terms and Conditions May Apply”–@tacma_doc by @cullenhoback Startles Sundance with the Gang of Four Attack on Privacy

The chickens are finally coming home to roost–the penetrating documentary, “Terms and Conditions May Apply” shows how the Gang of Four (especially Facebook and NSA contractor Google) are commoditizing our privacy.  According to CNET: Google declined to be interviewed for Hoback’s documentary, the trailer for which can be found here. (CNET contacted the company for […]

Zombie Title

Every now and then we look at something that has nothing to do with music, technology, or IP policy and here is another one:  Zombie title. What in the world is “zombie title” you say?  It is what happens when a homeowner defaults on their home mortgage, the bank sends the homeowner a foreclosure notice, […]

Brand Sponsored Piracy and Award Shows: British Airways Delivers the ultimate insult to Adele

As we have written before on MTP, brand sponsored piracy is the act of brands selling advertising on pirate sites.  Top brands like Fortune 500 brands.  This is what we have called the “unholy alliance”–the big search engines…ahem…drive traffic to pirate sites where they also have advertising publisher arrangements.  If you notice the carefully worded […]

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
On Sunday January 13th, Adele won the Golden Globe for the Best Song In a Motion Picture for her song “Skyfall” in the latest James Bond film of the same name. So we thought we’d take a look and see which brands are advertising on both the Golden Globes Awards…