Deep Thoughts from SF Music Tech

The SF Music Tech conference ended this week, an excellent platform for Zoë Keating, more later about her ideas for online music services sharing fan data with the artists they exploit.  It was refreshing to see SF Music Tech continuing the theme started last year by David Lowery.  The usual old school “Deep Thoughts” kumbaya of the Barlow crowd is gradually being balanced out by real Bay Area artsts like Zoë Keating and East Bay Ray with real ideas about real issues.

Because if there is one thing that Big Tech’s brushes with the legal system tells us it’s that information wants to be anything but free.

The crotchety old school members of the Google Shill List are still partying like it’s 1999, however–and this live tweet from the conference by The Trichordist says it all:

T quote SF Music Tech

Yes, that’s exactly right–the money is there, it’s just going to “different places”–like brand sponsored piracy, for example.

lyrics007 adele pepsi

Rut roh…

It’s too bad that David Lowery wasn’t on a panel with Zoë Keating and East Bay Ray, that would have been quite a conversation.

PS Attention Australian readers, Zoë is coming your way next week.  You MUST see this artist.