March 4, 2013

The Trichordist

A Weekly Review of Artists Rights, Copyright and Technology News for Creators from Around The Web.

* ASCAP President Paul Williams, Songwriters Josh Kear, Dan Wilson Make Royalty Case to Congress

As songwriters, we need to ensure that Congress hears our side of the story as they review how digital music royalties are paid. The way it works now, songwriters are being forced to become unwitting investors in unsustainable businesses that undervalue our music.

* Inside the IFPI’s Digital Music Report 2013
* House Representatives Form Creative Rights Caucus

“A number of key Hill leaders are taking an interest in creators’ rights and we hope they will help influence new members about the importance of protecting copyright.”

* The Fallacy of “Incremental Revenue” Part 1
* Shocker: Ad Networks Profit from Piracy
* Thom Yorke on Google the Commoditizer
* Sharing is Caring: What is…

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