Texas Laws Helping Live Music Venues

Music Technology Policy

The State of Texas has lead the way in leveraging its live music business, and it’s not all Austin a city that has branded itself the “Live Music Capitol of the World”.  There are bills introduced in the Texas legislature that incentivize venues to book more live music as well as supporting live sound and lights and all those who work hard to make the live show valuable.  This also includes capital expenditures on sound mitigation that helps residents who like to live near live music venues.

Because there’s no state income tax in Texas, these incentives are created through relief in the sales tax and alcoholic beverages tax.  If you live in Texas, please consider supporting these bills by calling your State representative and senator–you can find them at http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/ and fill in the blanks in the “who represents me” fields.

The bills are:

Senate Bill 1179, introduced by…

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