Way Past the Creepy Line: The Infringement for Profit DMCA License Meets the War on Terror

The Daily Mail has a fascinating article today “Google Cashes in on Hate Videos: Ads for Reputable Companies Featured Alongside Terror Videos.”  And you’ll notice from the screen capture above, one of those “reputable companies” is Google itself. Both MTP and The Trichordist as well as the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab have raised public awareness […]

An Answer for Mr. DeSantis: “Registration” and the Reformalization of Copyright Under the Copyright Principles Project, Part 1

A question came up regarding copyright registration at the May 16, 2013 House IP Subcommittee hearing featuring Professor Pamela Samuelson.  Professor Samuelson teaches at the University of California at Berkeley and also runs the Samuelson Glushko system of academic legal centers (the “Glushko” is Professor Samuelson’s husband, Dr. Robert Glushko, a Santa Clara Valley (aka […]

Lou Reed Exploited By American Express, AT&T, Chevorlet, Chili’s, Lysol, Pottery Barn, Vons, Domino’s Pizza, Netflix, Galaxy Nexus and Ron Jeremy!

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
Here we go again… We can go to Google and within minutes search for an artist of stature such as Lou Reed and quickly find unlicensed and infringing internet businesses exploiting his life’s work illegally while paying the him nothing, zero, zilch, nadda, zippo. There are many disappointing things about…

Google Drugs Update: City of Orlando Police Pension Fund v. Lawrence E Page, Sergey Brin, Eric E Schmidt, L. John Doerr, John L Hennessy, Ann Mather, Paul S Otellini, K. Ram Shriram, Shirley Tilghman and Google Inc

MTP readers will no doubt remember the “Google Drugs” case–where Google paid a fine to the US Government of $500,000,000 of the stockholders money to keep their senior executive team (at least) from being indicted for violating the Controlled Substances Act.  How did Google manage to do that?  By some pretty in depth collusion with […]

Hey Tumblr Users, Why Is This Man Smiling? Because he sold your content and you worked for him for free.

Great news for Tumblr users–the eponymous Mr. Dave Karp just sold your content for $1.1 billion!  In cash!  And of course, he’s sharing that money with you, right? No, he’s not.  But then again, record companies, movie studios, newspapers and music publishers don’t share the proceeds with their artists, journalists, songwriters or actors, when they’re […]

The Return of Orphan Works: Get smart with the 2008 Orphan Works Roundtable by the Small Business Administration

Google is–of course–very interested in orphan works.  They have a deep and abiding interest in the subject.  For example, current Twitter General Counsel, Google’s then-attorney, Berkman Center affiliate, Lessig acolyte, and all round digital sophisticate Alexander MacGilivrey made that clear in his testimony at the Copyright Office: “I would encourage the Copyright Office to consider not just the […]